Its been a while
10th May 2018 - 0 comments
Sorry to not have posted for a while but I have got involved in running and have entered many races so most of my free time has been spent training. Got a couple of 1/2 Marathons coming up so need to be focused. Anyway, I have managed a few days out with the camera. Mostly local but I have got a couple of trips planned away in the next week so hopefully I should have some nice shots to post. Its been a very hot few days in the UK. Great news that 3 chicks have hatched at Norwich Cathedral for the resident Peregrines which is fab. A lot of visitors have arrived and it was nice to have a black cap pair come in at my hide last week. A new tick for me down there. Although quiet during the day there are still lots of Jays and Woodpeckers coming in along with all the usual stuff. The Buzzards are in most days but mainly in the late afternoon.
I find the problem I have with photography is thinking of something new. I see many photographers wanting to take images similar to what they have seen, including me, but there now seems to be so many photographers out there concentrating on wildlife that the market and web are flooded with images. I have known relatively new photographers capturing a once in a life time image just for being in the right place at the right time. Its all about being out and about and a lot about luck. I have a den of foxes on my land with cubs but boy are they sharp. Cant get near them. I see loads of great images on line of fox cubs and yes, I'm slightly jealous but most of these are urban foxes which are happy to be only a few metres away from people without fear. These true country foxes are a different kettle of fish. Anything moved or in a different position they keep well out of the way. I will keep trying but this is the forth year and still no luck! Wish me some please. Ok, well time to sign off. I will let you know how I get on after my next trip in a weeks time. Fingers crossed I have some luck. Its good bye for now. Laters.
Seasons are a'changing
19th February 2018 - 0 comments
Recently the snowdrops have started to show all over the place however the temp of late have been very cold in Norfolk. its been down to -4 or -5. Better late than never I guess. There has been some really frosty nights which has resulted in perfectly clear skies allowing great views of the stars and planets. We have had some lovely clear days with fantastic light which has allowed some great images from all over the place. Today however, when I am free and hoping to got out with the camera is absolutely pouring down. Typical!
Moving on the hide at the moment is as before behaving very well. Lots of visits by all the usual suspects but again the Woodpeckers and the Jays being the star showers. The Buzzards are coming in most days and at night I have foxes and a lovely Tawny Owl. Everyone who has been in the hide recently have been more than happy as far as I know with many coming back for more! Contact me for more info or see the services page.
As for my photography, well its taken a bit of a back seat. I did manage after 2 blank days with the third being successful to photograph an otter hunting in a river. Very acceptable to human company which allowed me some great water level shots. I really need to reignite my mojo and get out and about again soon.
No Waxwings about this year and very low numbers of Short Eared Owls however I believe we have some once again at Burwell Fen in Cambs and a few more near Peterborough. There are a few about but noting like last year. My frog workshops should be advertised soon, however in the mean time I am offering Splash and Flash workshops along with water drop workshops all run together. This is great fun. If you get a chance to look at my facebook page then please do to see whats on offer.
That's it for now and hopefully on my next update I will have a few more of my own photos to write about. Have fun out there and keep snapping!
Looking Foward.
30th December 2017 - 0 comments
Good day people and Merry Christmas. Its been a few weeks since my last blog but to be honest I have lost a bit of my Photographic Mojo. I've done a few bits and bobs but nothing spectacular. So since the last blog I have been fairly quiet but I have spent a couple of sessions in my hide. The Buzzards are still coming in every day, the heron is in most days, all the usual suspects are in with the Jays and Woodpeckers being the star attractions. This week I am pleased to say that I have had a Bullfinch around the hide. Just one female but I'm guessing there must be more. I've got a few pics of it eating the old blackberries. Really good to see. The tawny owl is on the carcasses at night as are the foxes. Its a good time to visit. The cold weather has definitely brought in the birds. Talking of the weather I see most areas have had a decent coverage of snow but around this way we had just rain. One day there was a small covering which froze but apart from that nothing. I was hoping for some snow to go out and play in let alone photograph in. Not to be but the winter is not over just yet.I decided to have a go at the seals on the Norfolk Coast. Really cold morning with a frost on the beach. Seals all over the place. Sad to say I found a couple of dead ones which seem to have died from the cold. I checked them over and they were not skin and bones and looked healthy apart from being dead of course. Both were wet though and when they are new born they are not waterproof so I guess with the extra high tides we had they got wet and then with -3 overnight the poor little things died. Very sad but on a brighter note this year seems to be a record for grey seal pups. So we had a few hours on the beach enjoying the seals. Some people seem to get a bee in their bonnets about people getting too close to seals but believe me when I say if you just sit around for a while they soon get used to you and will often approach you. I had one pup seal come right up the beach to me, I moved away and it followed me. Anyone who turned up and saw that would soon be taking a picture and posting it on social media saying that the photographer got too close. Things are not always what they seem! Saying that, visitors to the seals must show respect and not treat them like pets and cause undo stress for them and their mothers. Those with field craft and experience with seals will know what's required without upsetting them. So for now, I have little more to say except thanking everyone who has visited my site, visited my facebook page, commented, liked any of my images. My I wish you all a happy Christmas and a wonderful 2018. Best wishes. Mark.
Long Ole Nights
22nd November 2017 - 0 comments
Good evening and hope you are all well. So I have just arrived home from watching the Starlings come in to roost at Strumpshaw Fen. I reckon there were around 15000 came in and they did put on a small show which was great to watch. There were a few raptors around but I never saw any successful catch attempts by any. If you are about this way its well worth a visit. The Nth Norfolk coast is showing some great birds with some Shore larks around Happisburgh and quite a few Snow Buntings Cley way.
The hide at the mo is really good for Jays and the woodpeckers are showing well too. I now have also seemed to have acquired a Heron who pretty much sits on my buzzard area all day. He picks up the carcasses and eats them. Very comical to watch. The Buzzards seem to tolerate it too as they sometimes feed together. Brendon saw a Redpoll last week so hopefully a few will start to come in. Once it gets cooler I would expect to see a Brambling or two coming in. Its been a bit quiet on my photography at the mo with only a couple of trips out. I did spend a late afternoon at Cantley doing some slow shutter landscapes which I do now and again. I will leave you with one. Until next time. Mark.
Latest Happenings
07th October 2017 - 0 comments
Well Hellllllllllllllooooooo my friends. Well first things first. Yay.......I entered a competition this year which to me is unusual. Anyway I won the central England category for Bird Life. The competition was the British Photography Awards so I'm happy with that and who knows I may start to enter a few more. Moving on to local affairs, things are hotting up at my hide with the first winter visitors arriving with my first Siskin of the year which is always great. Lots of visits by woodpeckers, Long Tailed Tits, Jays, plus all the other stuff and now the days are pulling in the birds are feeding a lot more. The star of the show is still the Buzzards which are very regular with visits most days. This week I had a little go and within 2 hours I had a beautiful Buzzard in front of me in superb light. For me I took one of the best pictures I have ever taken of this stunning bird. This one was a different one to my usual two that visit. Watching my motion camera today I'm glad to see the Tawny Owl has arrived again feeding on the carcass and the fox visited too which again is great. Had a trip out to Strumpshaw Fen RSPB this week and the Bearded Tits are showing really well. Kingfisher, Bittern and lots of other interesting birds are on show. There was a lovely family of water voles in the dipping pound which were really tame and came out all the time. Sadly there has been a mink seen this week on more than one occasion at this pond which is very bad news. The days of this family if not over yet, will be limited unless its caught. Fingers crossed they are ok but I know lots of people are really worried.
I have had my last Macro session of the year with the frogs which went well. I'm still undecided if I do them next year but I guess if there is enough interest I will. Just a work with things that are slippery and jump a lot is not easy!!
Kit wise I have just got a 70-200 2.8 for the ospreys next year. I had one before but sold it. A great lens and pleased its now back in my bag.
Next week I'm photography Foxes (hopefully) Down South and although I have had a little go at the Red Deer rut this year I may well have another go next week. I've not been as the overnight temps have been too high and I need a bit of mist and able to see the Deer's breath when he roars. Fingers crossed.
Anyway that's about it for now and hopefully some foxes and deer images for my next blog. Thanks for reeding this and I will leave you with a couple of recent images. One of a lovely Red Stag and the other is a Elephant Hawk Moth Caterpillar.
Laters. XX
Yorkshire Falls and Grouse
29th August 2017 - 0 comments
Its been a while but ive been busy running workshops and travelling around up North.
Photography wise I have been spending a bit of time with my local Hares. Now the wheat and Barley has been cut I can find a few. Ive been lucky and unlucky with these but all in all some usable images. The hide is still performing well with all the usual suspects showing up at some point in the day. Last week I was in the Yorkshire Dales and it was as usual a great week. Lots of walking, photography and of course eating. Decided this year to spend a bit more time on Land and waterscapes. Of course I spent a few hours with the grouse which always perform well if you know the right place to look.
In other news I just found out that one of my bird images won the "CENTRAL ENGLAND" section of the BRITISH PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS in the Bird Life section. There were around 10 sections covering the whole country and all the winners were put together and an overall winner chosen. Sadly no cigar for me this year but its nice to be up there and in the mix. Fingers grossed for next year!!!!
To finish with I will leave you with two of my fav images from my trip. X
Turtle Doves.
27th June 2017 - 0 comments
Hello all. Well its been the most hottest week of the year with temps around here reaching 35 degrees. Too hot for most animals and birds, me included. Great for insects with lots of butterfly's and bugs emerging all over the place. The day we arrived at Rutland for our Osprey trip was the hottest day of the year and probably the most humid. It was terrible and my hotel room above the kitchen was not great temperature wise. I will tell more about the Ospreys on my next blog but for now I want to tell you about my experience with the now, rare Turtle Doves. It all started about a year ago when Rachel's Aunty was chatting to us about the doves in her garden. Thinking they were just your regular collared Dove until she said about a local photographer often visits to photograph them. attention was drawn and the question was similar to "SO WHAT DOVES ARE THESE?" The reply was "WELL TURTLE DOVES. WE HAVE LOADS. YESTERDAY THERE WAS 16 IN!" I'm like OMG! why have I only just found out????? By this time they were starting to disperse back abroad but the offer came that if and when they arrive next year I will let you know. two weeks ago Rachel received a text from her aunty with an image showing lots of Turtle Doves. Right, when can we come over???? within a week I was cooped up in aa camo hide photographing a now rare iconic bird of the British countryside. For those who haven't heard their call...its simply beautiful. a soothing purrrrrr. The sound of summer really. well it was when I was a child in the 70's. Anyhow 500 photos later and loosing about 10 litres of sweat we were done. This was a magical experience seeing a bird I haven't seen since childhood. Thanks for the invite. Hopefully I will be able to get back again before they migrate.
King of Kings
06th June 2017 - 0 comments
Well good evening all and again, thanks for looking at my site. Update from the hide is that the Buzzards are still coming in every day which is great news. All the usual stuff is still regular with Jays now very active. Great news is that I now have 2 small fox cubs coming in to play and feed each night. They have shown in the day late eve so watch this space! The hedgehog and Tawny Owl comes in most nights too. The Swallow Tail butterflies are showing very well at Strumpshaw Fen at the moment but they don't stay out for long. If you want to go see them you best get cracking.
Back to me, well I had a day away last week up North photographing Kingfishers and it was a great day. Everything fell into place. The weather, the setting, the light, the flowers which were out in the background and of course the number of visits from the star attraction. We had about 12 visits during the day with around 25-30 dives. The male was feeding the female as well as himself so he was a busy boy. Took over 1000 shots of which I have edited just 21. We stayed up overnight as we had to be north of Leeds by 6am. It was a great but long day. Cant wait for the next visit. In 2 weeks we are off to Rutland for 2 days of Osprey and Red Kite Photography. Fingers crossed we have similar weather and luck! As I write this the weather is totally grey with 40-50 MPH winds and torrential rain. This is June but more like November. Its going to be a tough couple of days for the local wildlife. Fingers crossed it soon goes as there is no way owls will be able to hunt in this and I would imagine a few little owl chicks would have been blown out of their nests as some other species. So I will leave you with a couple more images of the Kingy. Laters.
Macro and stuff
12th May 2017 - 0 comments
Hi everyone and thanks for visiting my site. As you can gather by the tittle my Macro days are now up and running. They seem to be a great hit and my collection of Macro subjects is growing. I now have 8 frogs, 2 Preying Mantis, 2 Black Beauty Stick insects. I have bought lots of various plants and props to place the subjects on. Some to look natural and some to look a bit quirky. Most of the dates are now filled but there are a few spaces through out the year if anyone fancies a go.
Update on the hide is that the Jays are now coming in really well. Lots of other bits and bobs including Reed Buntings, Long Tailed Tits, Gold Finches and all the other normal stuff. Lots to get any photographer occupied. The Buzzards are still coming in most days at various times. I did see them mate a few weeks back so I'm hoping for some young this year.....please! The last couple of days during daylight hours there have been two foxes seen. One was carrying something back to the wood so there must be a den in there and cubs. Watch this space. I've been investigating the local area over the last couple of weeks and seen a number of Barn Owls and a few Little Owls. I have taken a few shots but the Barny was very late out so although the images were OK I'm not happy to publish them. I will try again....and again!
Ranworth Broad Gallery is doing very well this year. I've got 18 images on the wall alongside some other great artists. Why not pop over for a look??
The next thing I'm looking forward to is a couple of days away up north photographing Kingfishers. After this, 3 weeks later I'm away Photography Ospreys for a couple days which I'm really looking forward to.
Until next time I will leave you with a couple of images I've taken recently. Laters!!
Trial time for SLEEKLENS.
20th March 2017 - 0 comments
I was recently approached by a company by the name of Sleeklens. They asked very politely if I would be prepared to carry out a review of one of their overlays which works with Photoshop and Lightroom. Of course I said yes and within a short while I had the link. This included a link to youtube showing how to install the product which was very helpful. So I downloaded the SLEEKLENS LANDSCAPE ADVENTURE COLLECTION. With in a few mins it was linked to PHOTOSHOP and live with minimum fuss. Firstly I was taken back at just how many options there were and I knew going through them all was no easy job. However I have taken some time and gone through most of the options and although not fully used them all they certainly make dramatic or subtle changes to the pictures I processed. Although these were LANDSCAPE and most of my work is wildlife I was impressed with the way some of the overlays improved some of my images. The overlays are listed in sequential numbers from 1 onwards and listed as Base, Enhance, Tone, All in One, Exposure, Speciality, Temperature and web file pre sets to resize the image for web presentation. The overlays are simple to use and can be fine tuned using the Opacity slider. The whole package is available to purchase from SLEEKLENS and if you are a wildlife or Landscape tog then there will be something in here which you will benefit from. The time these overlays can save is a bonus. Their website is and is defiantly worth a look. They are a fairly unknown company and are clearly looking to get themselves out in the public eye. I'm am the first to admit that I'm not the best on PS but I would say if you were reasonably competent then SLEEKLENS is a product which has plenty to offer and easy to use. The following is an image I took at a recent photography day I held. The before and after image is the difference of a single action. One click! You decide. Enjoy. I have added the links so you can take a look. Best wishes Mark.

Photography Days R Go!!
13th March 2017 - 0 comments
As the title would suggest my Photography Days are now in full swing with two this weekend just gone. On Saturday I held my first booked Macro session of the year with a great bunch of ladies. The day started as always with some biscuits and coffee, not forgetting the intro banter. We then cracked on with 4 hours of non stop macro work which included Frogs, Stick Insects, Praying Mantis using a various array of props and plants. Everyone took so top shots and all the subjects behaved well.
On the Sunday I held my first Bird of Prey Day Photography day of 2017 and I can honestly say the BIG Guns were out! One of the groups was made up pretty much by Canon 1DX's and 600mm F4 lenses. Everyone who came said it was the best one they have ever been on and lunch was superb. My mum and wife spent 2 hours preparing lunch. I'm a lucky boy!!
The day began at 9.30 and wound up at almost 5pm so a long day but no one minded as the weather was great and the company was better!

As for my time behind the lens.....what time! I bought the new Nikon D5 a week ago and its not even been used. I took 3 shots out of my house window when I got it and well that's as far as its gone! Plenty of time hopefully soon. The weather seems to have taken a turn with the temp on the rise. The hedgehog I took in last winter at 200 grams is now a colossal 810grams and will be released soon. Each year I seem to find one in the cold. I don't mind though. I like them and they need a bit of help now and again.
I have had a few sessions at my hide and there is a huge variety of birds coming in. One day I had 21 species. The Buzzards are still always about and the one with the bad wing seems to be fine now although he does have a kink in his wing but his flying is back to normal. Happy days. Don't forget that now is a great time to book a session.
June is going to be a great month for me with Kingfisher and Osprey trips booked.
Just for info I used the D500 with a 300F2.8 vr11 for a few shots yesterday and it has to be said....WOW what a combo. Anyone looking for a great combo you cant go wrong with this.
I will leave you with a couple of images from my weekend workshops. Thanks all.
New Beginnings
31st January 2017 - 0 comments
After a few months in the planning I am now in a position to offer MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS just East of Norwich. I have a selection of exotic frogs and insects which are totally awesome and I love to bits! Details are on my Services Page so why not take a look and get closer to nature :)
The hide is now on top form with a good number of species paying a visit. I have added a few home comforts now such as hot water bottles and even installed a one way window to keep out the drafts. On the subject of my hide I'm sad to say that one of my regular Buzzards seems to have suffered a wing injury and its right wing is dragging on the floor. Its still able to fly....just, so I'm very worried about it and pray that no one has had a shot at it! On the plus side for the last 4 weeks since finding it injured its been feeding most days at my site which is great news for me and it. I doubt very much if it could hunt in the state it is in but it doesn't need to as I will make sure there is always something out for it to eat. Fingers crossed it will survive. So far so good. Its been a quiet time for me with my own photography with one thing and another but I have some great trips planned for this year which I'm really looking forward to.
Barn Owls......for some reason my local ones have all but gone just with the odd sighting now and again. I have one which is reasonably regular but it always comes out sooooo late that I'm having to shoot at 10000 ISO which is ok but the images are not the quality I want so the delete button went into overdrive! Fingers crossed it will start to hunt a bit earlier.
So just a reminder that Macro Days are on the go and my hide is good for hire.
Keep snapping folks and enjoy!
Here are a couple from my first Macro day.
Kites Flying High!
05th December 2016 - 0 comments
Well as before its got very cold with some stunning clear blue skies and crisp frosty mornings. This time of year is great as the sun doesn't rise until well after 7 and sets before 4.30 so not too many silly early starts......Well.....Recently myself and a friend have been visiting a hide in LINCOLNSHIRE to photograph a variety of species. It originally was a Buzzard hide which we went to earlier in the year but as you know wildlife doesn't always play fair so unfortunately we blanked. Tom, the owner was more than happy for us to return and he allowed us to visit on to more occasions. What a great set up and the birds were awesome. No Buzzards came into the bait, but does this concern me? Not at all as we had numerous visits from Red Kites which win over Buzzards all day long, especially as the Buzzards are coming into my hide most days. We saw plenty of buzzards but the Red Kites chased them off. We had the ever reliable Great Green Woodpecker and a GSW, Sparrow Hawk, Jay plus lots of other small stuff. A really great day. Oh and early starts? Well we needed to be there for 06.30 so a 3.30 am alarm call. Can you imagine what time you would need to be up in the summer! He likes you to be in the hide before sunrise.
On a more local note lots of Waxwings about Norwich, but I've not gone near them due to the shear number of other people photographing them. I was told at one site last weekend there were over 30 people photographing them around one little bush. Not for me I'm afraid but then again I'm not a bird chaser. Nice to see which I will at some point. My hide is back to its best with regular visits from Great Spotted Woodpeckers, Jays etc. Someone got some nice images of the Green Woody last week and I saw a male Bullfinch there last weekend so happy days! The Buzzards are now both coming in everyday around 3pm. The foxes are back after dark too which is always nice to see. Now the colder weather is really upon us its only going to get better. Hopefully the Brambling, Siskin and Redpolls will show soon. Spent some time today out for a target species. I stood in the same spot from 7am until 4pm before I saw anything to photograph. By then it was almost dark and to be fair, the delete button would normally be used for this image however I'm keeping it for now until I get better as it was 8 hours of freezing cold pain plus a 4.30 am start. He who dares and all that! Right, its now midnight and I've got another busy day lined up tomorrow if I can find my car in this freezing fog! Here are a couple of recent's for you to see.

One last thing. May I wish everyone who has helped me, followed me, hired my hide, come on an Owl Day, purchased an image or just appreciates my work a very happy Christmas and best wishes for 2017. God Bless. X
Winter is here!
09th November 2016 - 0 comments
Hi everybody, I hope everyone is fine and dandy. Well as I write this blog looking out of my window at a very wet, cold and grey day I reluctantly state "Winter has arrived"
Yey!!! I love it! I just love wrapping up in loads of layers and getting out and about in all the elements. Already we have a good quantity of Waxwings around which could be a sign of a good cold winter to come. This year I can honestly say that I have never seen so many berries on the trees, again an old wives tale signalling a cold winter but these berries are an end result of an earlier time. The seals have started to appear on the coast getting ready to pup and i've seen Gannets and all sorts of sea birds migrating. Fieldfare and Redwings are everywhere, again a sign of a cold winter?
As for my photography, well i've been doing a bit but mostly concentrating on the Buzzards which are visiting my hide most days to feed on the carcasses I put out. Other birds have been a bit slow at the mo but this cooler weather should hopefully bring them in to feed. We have already had 3 frost here and last year I think we only had 5 all year! Yesterday while I was in the hide it was only 6 degrees with the eve temp just 2. I will hopefully have a few images of seals and other bits and bobs soon, so for now. Laters.
Here's a Buzzard from my hide.
October. The best month of the year??
06th October 2016 - 0 comments
Hi people hope life see's you good. Well, I had my last owl day of the year a couple of weeks ago and what a superb day it was. Everyone there got some great images and I'm really pleased to say that the birds Simon flew were just superb. The days are now held at my own private site so the world is my oyster as far as setting it up. We had a great day with the group "A PLACE FOR PHOTOS" who are having another day in a couple of weeks. I have also purchased a couple of White Tree Frogs which can be photographed on Macro Days which I will be offering soon. I have bought the works with a Vivarium and also I got as couple of Black Beauty stick insects which again can be photographed. I just love these critters! As for my own photography, this has taken a bit of a back seat at the mo with little time to spare. Hopefully I will get time to have ago at the Rut next week. Regarding my hide, well that's gone a bit quiet but this have given me the opportunity to get a digger in and build up the ground where the buzzards fed. This has now given great backgrounds. I have grassed it too so lets have a touch of rain please to get it all going. The images that will be taken here will be superb!
Ok guys and gals, Time for me to go but I will leave you with my new pets. PS If you are interested in having a macro session send me a message on the contact page. Happy Autumn!! Mark.
Holiday Time
08th September 2016 - 0 comments
I have just got back from a fantastic trip to the Yorkshire Dales. We go each year to the same cottage and its an absolute pleasure. Great people and great scenery. Lots of Red Grouse this year plus bonus Red Squirrels. Lots of early starts this year and also plenty of hiking. 42 Miles in 6 days but loved every minute of it. I have now tested the Nikon D500 fully and it is a great tool but if you do shot full frame normally don't expect it to be better in IQ.
The Hide is still doing great with the Buzzards coming in everyday. All the other usual visitors are all about to. A great time to rent it off me....
Busy weekend for me with running a photo day with a local group which includes Macro/Splash and Flash/Birds of Prey and my hide. A busy but rewarding day. I have bought a selection of tree frogs and some weird bugs so happy days for the macro stuff. The following week is the last BOP day of the year which should also be great fun.
I will let you know how they go. As for now I will leave you with a grouse and Squirrel.
Back in the Room
14th August 2016 - 0 comments
I apologise for not updating lately but its been busy with all sorts of stuff going on. First update is on the hide. Very good at the mo with a family of woodpeckers coming in regularly. Jays, Magpies, squirrels. Its all going on. Its s great time to book a session so if you fancy a go use my contact page. Its now the time of year when most togs will do a bit of macro, me included. This year around the broads butterflies are low but Damsel and Dragonflies seem to be doing really well. Even down my hide there is a good head of Hawkers. Yesterday I was watching 5 at once hunting around my hide.
I have just run my August Owl day which was a great success. Lots of great photos with some great Banter and of course so great company. We has a baby Spectacle Owl on this one which was really nice.
On the kit front I got myself a D5oo, the new Nikon DX SLR. A very well made unit which feels nice in the hand. It takes some great images although personally it cant match full frame for IQ but a great addition to any ones bag. I intend to do some more comparisons to see where we go with it.
For into the next Owl day is the 17th Sept which is pretty much booked but I will always try to accommodate more if requested. The days will now be held on my private land at Postwick where we can really get the best out of the scenery and the birds. As before I will supply lunch and coffee in the price of £50pp.
Now looking forward to Red Grouse and Red Squirrels followed by the Red Deer Rut.
Here is the baby Owl from my latest BOP day.
Owls and Kites
09th July 2016 - 0 comments
Well due to the success of my first trip it was arranged that we would have another trip over to the Red Kites. This time accompanied by my son as well. Alarm off at 02.30 am. Out the door by 03.15 and on site ready to go at 08.30. Plenty of activity but it was so hot that the heat haze caused a few issues. You know the ones you don't notice until you get home and look at the images on the big screen. Any way a good day was had and Brendon got some good shots too so everything is good. An amazing place but a long way to go for 4 hours. I've been lucky enough to have a couple of Little Owl sessions with my mate Jamie Hall which were really good. Lots of activity and such fun characters too. The hide is doing well at the moment with lots of woodpecker visits, Jays, Magpies, squirrel, Stock Doves plus all the other stuff. The Buzzards are coming in most days now feeding on my carrion and a few people recently have got some superb images of the male Sparrow hawk on the logs. If you fancy a go see my services page. I have also now had a new low level hatch cut in for the Buzzards. I am now using my D750 a lot more as I'm concentrating on macro. Really pleased with the results. Anyway that's it for now and hopefully I will add a new blog in the next few weeks. Best wishes. Mark.
13th May 2016 - 0 comments
Well I had a call from an old mate who had a free day and wanted to know if I wanted to go 1/2 way across the UK to have a go at photographing Red Kites. Luckily for me I was free so with just 24 hours notice I was ready to roll. 04.30 alarm call and it was out the door. 5 hours later we arrived on site. I don't even know the name of the place but it was a long way and near Cheltenham. Put it this way, I was glad I wasn't driving! Feeling satisfied after the Micky D mc'Muffin we headed out. A few were flying around and played for us which was great as in Norfolk we don't have many Kites as yet. So after a few hours we headed back arriving home at 8pm. In the West of the UK the numbers are impressive for Red Kites even hearing from locals that they think there are too many. These Kites were surprisingly "person" tolerant to the point I threw some sandwich in the air and they swooped down and took it in flight. Acting a bit like Gulls at a seaside resort!! I was great! To be fair that makes it sound as if they are tame but far from it. Two more togs turned up and asked if they could sit with us. Of course as they were polite and asked rather than gate crash but the kites flew away and never really came back until they moved on which I thought was strange. Oh well another long day but 100% worth it. I just need to nail this fox at my hide while its feeding the young. Fingers crossed they show too!! Until next time.....D5???? Mark.
10th May 2016 - 0 comments
Well after a spell of very cold weather followed by a mini heat wave things have picked up. The hide has been slow so I decided to spend an afternoon there to see for myself. It was manic! I had 20 species in including Jay, Magpie, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Moorhen, Mallards, Stock Doves, Pheasants, Buzzards, Fox plus all the other small stuff. most of the visitors used the reflection pool to as it was so hot. Trouble was I was there to catch the fox and Buzzards which I did fortunately as I had no camera pointing over the feeders. My main aim was the Buzzard and I had two visits and the longest lasted around 30 mins. Managed to crack off a round 300 pics of it picking over a carcass. Happy days. Had a 5 hour trip to photograph Red Kites on Monday the 9th of May which was superb, which I will fill you in on soon. Between all this I have still managed time to go and look for my Hares which I really like. Ok I have 700 images to edit from yesterday. I started with 2000 and I hope to get it down to 20. Wish me luck!! Here is a couple from my hide.