Looking Foward.

30th December 2017
Good day people and Merry Christmas. Its been a few weeks since my last blog but to be honest I have lost a bit of my Photographic Mojo. I've done a few bits and bobs but nothing spectacular. So since the last blog I have been fairly quiet but I have spent a couple of sessions in my hide. The Buzzards are still coming in every day, the heron is in most days, all the usual suspects are in with the Jays and Woodpeckers being the star attractions. This week I am pleased to say that I have had a Bullfinch around the hide. Just one female but I'm guessing there must be more. I've got a few pics of it eating the old blackberries. Really good to see. The tawny owl is on the carcasses at night as are the foxes. Its a good time to visit. The cold weather has definitely brought in the birds. Talking of the weather I see most areas have had a decent coverage of snow but around this way we had just rain. One day there was a small covering which froze but apart from that nothing. I was hoping for some snow to go out and play in let alone photograph in. Not to be but the winter is not over just yet.I decided to have a go at the seals on the Norfolk Coast. Really cold morning with a frost on the beach. Seals all over the place. Sad to say I found a couple of dead ones which seem to have died from the cold. I checked them over and they were not skin and bones and looked healthy apart from being dead of course. Both were wet though and when they are new born they are not waterproof so I guess with the extra high tides we had they got wet and then with -3 overnight the poor little things died. Very sad but on a brighter note this year seems to be a record for grey seal pups. So we had a few hours on the beach enjoying the seals. Some people seem to get a bee in their bonnets about people getting too close to seals but believe me when I say if you just sit around for a while they soon get used to you and will often approach you. I had one pup seal come right up the beach to me, I moved away and it followed me. Anyone who turned up and saw that would soon be taking a picture and posting it on social media saying that the photographer got too close. Things are not always what they seem! Saying that, visitors to the seals must show respect and not treat them like pets and cause undo stress for them and their mothers. Those with field craft and experience with seals will know what's required without upsetting them. So for now, I have little more to say except thanking everyone who has visited my site, visited my facebook page, commented, liked any of my images. My I wish you all a happy Christmas and a wonderful 2018. Best wishes. Mark.

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